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When lunching with friends finding a place to suit everybodyís needs can be a nightmarish task, at HFCL we have an endless supply of cafes and restaurants just waiting to take your order. You might feel picky trawling through menus to find something that suits your restrictive diet, fear not! We have hundreds of eateries happy to cater for you.

Eating out on a vegetarian or Vegan diet doesnít have to bland and boring, you donít have to be restricted to carrot sticks and lettuce leaves; we could find you a friendly cafť with bags of vegetarian options.

We know all the best gluten free eateries in the city, so you can enjoy lunch with the girls panic free! There are so many quaint and cute bakeries and cafes that cater entire to gluten free diets, on your doorstep.

If you want a brilliant place for brunch thatís not your average greasy spoon, we have an endless list of health food cafes in your area. Enjoy a steaming hot cup of gourmet coffee and a delicious fat-free lunch without the guilt.

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Conscious Cafes London

If you are looking for a cute and kooky place for lunch with friends but you have diet restrictions finding a suitable place to match everybodyís needs can be such a hassle. At Conscious Cafes London, we could find you a local cafť to suit your dietary requirements and budget!

Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or have an allergy, we have an inexhaustible list of London eateries to suit your habit. Enjoy a quick and healthy bite with friends or family in one of these quaint spots!

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